Ass. Prof. Dr. Ali Timucin Atayoglu

Ass. Prof. Dr. Ali Timucin Atayoglu is a consultant medical doctor and a lecturer in Medipol University in Istanbul, Turkey. He has established the first Apitherapy Center affiliated with a university hospital in the country. He works as the coordinator for the studies in Traditional and Complementary Medicine in the medical faculty.

He has been interested in holistic medicine since he was a student in the medical school. After his elective studies in London, UK in 1997-1998 he returned to Istanbul and continued his studies in Integrative Medicine. Meanwhile, he has traveled to countries from the US to Japan, from Romania to South Africa and tried to increase his knowledge & experience in that field.

He has focused his “evidence-based apitherapy” efforts on education, clinical care, and research—within the principles of integrative medicine. In 2008 he traveled to China to study with Prof Fang Zhu who is one of the world’s foremost experts on Apitherapy. He is still working with him on the Apitherapy Text Book.

He is currently the president of Apitherapy Association in Turkey. He is a member of the Scientific Committee for the Traditional & Complementary Medical Practices in the Health Ministry. He is also the chairman of the Holistic and Integrative Medicine Association in Turkey.