Executive Council

The Executive Council of the International Federation of Apitherapy is formed by the presidents of all associations that are Founding Members of our Federation.

Here below you find their names and their contact details.

President of the Federation: Dr. Ali Timucin Atayoglu (Turkey). Dr Atayoglu is also the president of the Turkish Apitherapy Society.

Vice-President of the Federation: Dr Andres Castillo Montenegro (Ecuador). Dr Castillo is also the president of the Ecuadorian Apitherapy Association.

Secretary General of the Federation: Dr Stefan Stangaciu (Romania). Dr Stefan Stangaciu is also president of the Romanian and German Apitherapy Societies.

President of the Apitherapy Comission of the Apicultural Science Association of China, Prof. Miao Xiaoqing 

President of the  Lithuanian Apitherapy Society, Prof. Dr. Jurate Jankauskiene

President of the Serbian Apitherapy Society, Dr. Verica Milojkovic

President of the Apitherapy section of the Slovenian Beekeeping Association, Ms. Andreja Kandolf

President of the Malaysian Apitherapy Association, Prof. Siti Amrah Sulaiman

President of the Canarian Islands Apitherapy Association, Mr. José Ramón Hernández

President of the Francophone Api-Phytotherapy Association, Dr. Jean-Luc BOESCH