The International Federation of Apitherapy was created in Germany, Passau, on April 20, 2012, at the initiative of Dr. Stefan Stangaciu, during the X-th. German Apitherapy Congress organized by the German Apitherapy Society ( www.apitherapie.de ).

In July 2013 it was registered officially in Romania, where we have our home office and the general secretariat.

“The first Management Board elected in Passau, April 2012, has been formed by:

Dr. Andres Castillo Montenegro (Ecuador) – President
Janos Koermendy-Racz (Hungary) – Vice-president
Dr Stefan Stangaciu (Romania) – Secretary General
Eng. Jose Cabrera Cabrera (Ecuador) – Secretary.

Eng. Jose Cabrera Cabrera played an important role in the communication and the general strategy of our Federation.

The elected Executive Council was made, beside of the above people, by the following presidents of various national and regional apitherapy association:

  • Prof. Miao Xiaoqing – President of the Apitherapy Commission of the Apicultural Science Association of China
  • Prof. Dr. Jurate Jankauskiene – President of the Lithuanian Apitherapy Society
  • Dr. Verica Milojkovic – President of the Serbian Apitherapy Society
  • Ms. Andreja Kandolf – President of the Apitherapy section of the Slovenian Beekeeping Association
  • Prof. Siti Amrah Sulaiman – President of the Malaysian Apitherapy Association
  • Mr. Jose Ramon Hernandez – President of the Canarian Islands Apitherapy Association
  • Dr. Jean-Luc BOESCH – President of the Francophone Api-Phytotherapy Association

The elected presidents of the Permanent commissions were:

  • Dr. Verica Milojkovic (Serbia), Permanent Education Commission
  • Dr. Winfried WINTER (Germany), Permanent Medical Commission
  • Dr. Povilas Rimkus (Lithuania), Permanent Ethics Commission

In 2014, 2016 and 2018 our International Federation of Apitherapy has organized its first 3 Congresses in Brasov, Romania (2014), in Kaunas, Lithuania (2016) and in Quito, Ecuador (2018).

During this period of time, we have received in our Federation two new National Apitherapy Associations (Turkish and Nepalese Apitherapy Associations) and several individual members coming from countries like Morocco, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.

In November 2018, in Quito, Ecuador, during the General Assembly, it has been elected the new Management Board of our Federation as it follows:

  • Dr. Ali Timucin Atayoglu (Turkey) – President
  • Dr. Andres Castillo Montenegro (Ecuador) – Vice president
  • Dr. Stefan Stangaciu (Romania) – General Secretary
  • Eng. Jose Cabrera Cabrera (Ecuador) – Secretary

From left to right: Dr. Stefan Stangaciu, Dr. Ali Timucin Atayoglu, Eng. Jose Cabrera Cabrera, Dr. Andres Castillo Montenegro

We are a very young international federation and we look forward to long-standing cooperation with apitherapy organizations, institutions, practitioners and scientists from all over the world.

For any questions regarding our Federation please Contact Us.