Prof. Antanas Gendrolis (Lithuania)

Antanas Juozas Gendrolis

Curriculum Vitae

I was born on 14 May 1926 in Taučeliai village of Eržvilkas district (Tauragė county). Nationality – Lithuanian.

I graduated from Kaunas’ National Medical School for Doctors and Obstetricians in the year 1950.

In 1954, I enrolled in part-time studies at Pharmacy Institute of Moscow, from which I graduated in 1959.

After graduating from secondary school, from 1950 to 1951, I had been working in 2nd Pharmacy of Klaipėda as an assistant. In the same year, I was appointed to the Klaipeda Regional Pharmacy, as the head of the warehouse in the Expedition Department.

In 1951, I was conscripted for military service as the manager of the pharmacy in a military unit. However, when it became evident that I was from a family of deportees, I was discharged in 1953.

From 1953 to 1967, I had been working in Kaunas’ National Psychoneurological Hospital as the Head of Pharmacy. In 1967, I was assigned to the Factory of Endocrine Medicinal Products in Kaunas as the chief engineer, and from 1968 to 1988, I continued to work as a director of the factory.

While working in the factory, in 1974, I had successfully defended Candidate of Sciences (now Ph.D.) thesis in pharmaceutical sciences, and in 1987, I had successfully defended Doctor of Pharmacy thesis (habilitation procedure).

In 1988, I was elected as the head of the Department of Drug Technology and Social Pharmacy of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, and from 1992 to 2003, I had been working as a professor in this department.

The field of my scientific work – biomedicine and pharmacology.

Scientific and professional interests include the research and development of new ophthalmologic medicines, endocrine medicinal products, and technologies for medicines derived from bee products.

In 1976, I was honored as a Meritorious Lithuanian Healthcare Employee. In 1987, I was awarded by the Council of Ministers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) a prize for clophelinum (clonidine) eye drops and implementation of its production. In 1989, I was elected a member of the 10th Problematic Commission of the Scientific Council “Pharmacology and Pharmacy” of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

During the period from 1991 to 1996, I had been appointed as the chairman of the Pharmaceutical Specialist Certification Commission by Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. After the establishment of the Lithuanian Pharmacopoeia Committee in 1992, I was appointed Chairman of the Medicine Technology Commission in this committee and in 1995, after the establishment of the State Medicines Control Agency under the Ministry of Health, I was appointed Chairman of the Pharmacopoeia Commission.

Together with my colleagues, I have developed over 30 new medicinal products, 18 technologies for special medical foods and oral cavity and body care, 9 device designs for the medical industry, certified by inventions, most of which have been introduced into production. On these and other issues, alone and together with co-authors, I have published over 240 publications in the Lithuanian and foreign press. Additionally, I am the author of monographs “Forms of Eye Medication in Pharmacy”, textbook “Pharmaceutical Technology” and co-author of the book “Origins and Development of Lithuanian Endocrinology”. On the issues of the apitherapy, I am the author of following monographs: “Propolis”, “Honey for Human Health”, “Pollen and Bee Bread”, “Royal Jelly and Bee’s Wax”, “Long and Healthy Life Using Bee Products”, “Steambath – a Source of Health and Beauty”, “Propolis – a Cure from the Hive”, “Propolis – a Natural Medicine”, and “Honey and Human Health.” Two products created from bee products have been awarded gold medals at international exhibitions, and one of them is exported to England and Japan.

I am a co-author of 19 inventions and 14 patents.

I am an honorary member of the Lithuanian Association of Apitherapy Practitioners, and Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Union, member of editorial boards of “Pharmacy and Time” and “Biological Medicine” magazines.

I am awarded an honorary sign of “Meritorious Lithuanian Healthcare Employee”.

I am awarded a „Gloriae pharmaciae Lituaniae“ sign and a medal for my merits to Lithuanian pharmacy.

Antanas Gendrolis
03 April 2020