Dr. Lukas Mackevicius

Citizenship: Lithuanian

Education and Professional Experience

Graduated 1978 Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania
1978–1979 – Internship Kaunas University of Medicine
Current position: Dr. in the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Science (LSMU) Kauno

Research and Professional Experience

1980 Vilnius University (2 months) training course of doctor neurologist
1982 Moscow University (2 months) training course of HBOT
1984 Vilnius University (1 month) dr. therapist training course
1988 Moscow (1 month) training course of HBOT
1995 Vilnius University (1 month) intensive care training course
Certificates of appreciation: 1999 – 2004 intensive care (Vilnius, Riga (Latvia)), 1999 “Healing the
Children” (USA). Participation in the seminars and conferences: Sweden, Finland, USA, Lithuania

Research Interests

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
HBOT and toxicology
HBOT and immunology
HBOT treating ulcers


Member of Lithuanian HBO Society
Member of Lithuanian Anesthesiologists – reanimathologist Society
Member of Lithuanian Apitherapy Society

Languages: Lithuanian (mother-tongue), Russian, English (basic and medical glossary)