Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baltuškevičius Algirdas

Nationality: Lithuanian

Education: KaunasUniversity of Medicine 1952-1958, Medical Doctor

Scientific degree: Doctor of Biomedical Science (PhD)

Position: Medical doctor, assoc. prof. (until 2004 at Kaunas Medical Institute), Board member of Lithuanian Apitherapy Society, Board Member of Lithuanian Beekeeper Society

Research and Professional Experience

More than 100 publications in Lithuanian and foreign scientific journals in apitherapy.

Participated in the courses and seminars: Ukraine (1991), Romania (Bucharest, 1976), ex Yugoslavia (1978), Germany (apitherapy congress in Passau, 2002), Brazil (Apimondia Congress in 1989), Switzerland (2003), Slovenia (2003).

Research area: investigation of bee products (honey, bee bread, bee pollen) in gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, rheumatology.

Language skills: Lithuanian, Russian, English